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Despite the huge growth of social media marketing for business, email marketing still continues to be vital. Here are the steps you need to undertake for business growth via email marketing.


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This year, we've relied on technology even more so than before. But there are still many security risks online, especially for businesses. Here are 4 ways to improve your cyber security:

1. Back up your data: keep your backup separate from your computer, and also consider cloud storage. Ensure you have automated backups set up frequently.

2. Protect your organisation from malware: install antivirus software, keep all IT equipment up-to-date, and switch on firewalls.

3. Keep smart devices safe: make sure lost or stolen devices can be tracked, locked or wiped, and don’t connect to unknown Wi-Fi Hotspots.

4. Use passwords to protect data: use two factor authentication for ‘important’ accounts, and consider using password managers - tools that create and store passwords for you and your team to access via a ‘master’ password.



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Have you noticed?

LinkedIn have just launched LinkedIn Stories: an opportunity for individuals and company pages to publish photos and short videos in the format of Insta-like stories.

Do you think you'll use this new feature?


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With the increase in us using technology this year, there have been more threats of phishing (e.g. scammers sending fake emails asking for sensitive information such as bank details, or containing links to bad websites). Here are ways to avoid phishing attacks:

1. Configure your staff accounts using the principle of ‘least privilege’. This means giving staff the lowest level of user rights required to perform their jobs, so if they are the victim of a phishing attack, the potential damage is reduced.

2. Consider ways that someone might target your organisation, and make sure your staff all understand normal ways of working (especially regarding interaction with other organisations), so that they’re better equipped to spot requests that are out of the ordinary.

3.Check for the obvious signs of phishing: often the spelling, grammar and punctuation are poor. Does the email contain a veiled threat that asks you to act urgently? Also, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4. If you believe your organisation has been the victim of online fraud, scams or extortion, you should report this through the Action Fraud website.


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A hug, a conversation, or a change of pace are just some of the ways we can protect our mental health and support those we care about today: #WorldMentalHealthDay (and the other 364 days of the year too). As we continue adapting to life in 2020, it’s more important than ever that we take time to check in with our feelings, keep a healthy lifestyle and, if needed, ask for help.


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Do you know your numbers? 😊


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49% of marketers report that increasing customer acquisition is their top priority. Therefore, you need a competitive advantage. In this article, we list 9 persuasive copywriting techniques that engage leads and convert them.


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It's crazy how people's businesses have adapted this year to the lockdown restrictions in different ways. For me, many of my clients are coaches who hold events. We had to rapidly adapt these regular events into virtual webinars with extra online promotion.

It is lovely to see how I have helped to support other business owners through the crisis.

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In 2001 I got involved with a building company who were developing a software system for themselves. It was so good that we started a software company and put it on the market. None of us had run a software business. On many occasions I’d be up until 4 or 5am designing the website, brochures, CD inserts, etc. and printing them out on my humble, inkjet printer.

By 2002 we were exhibiting at the UK’s largest building shows (at the NEC) and advertising in trade magazines as well as online. We turned over £127k with a small profit of £26k. By 2003 we had 18 sales agents around the UK and Ireland and turned over £1.2million with a large profit of £297k - so the business grew ten-fold (1000%) in the space of 12 months. #ThrowbackThursday


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