Are you hosting a webinar and need attendees?

I have been getting attendees for 8 coaches’ webinars.

My average is 28.25 registrations of which 20.5 attended, so a 72% attendance rate.

Please email me with your contact number and a good day/time to call, if you’d like to discuss how I can help you.


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Here’s more in-depth information for those high C’s (like me) that like the details… 🙂

You might be interested in something I’m offering, as a result of COVID-19 and what I have done in the last couple of weeks for 7 other ActionCOACH business coaches.

I currently cover the marketing for 7 ActionCOACH coaches, generating leads via LinkedIn and promoting their events. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it has meant they have had to postpone their live seminars and workshops, informing those that had registered to attend. You may be in the same predicament.

One of the coaches I work with made the decision one night (after watching a webinar with Brad Sugars) to run an urgent webinar covering how to beat the virus in business, and needed me to promote it to get people registered asap. He hosted his webinar 3 days later at 9am (Friday 20th March), so this was a very last minute request!

During the couple of days before the webinar, I did the following for him:

  • Created a landing page for his webinar with a registration form, a confirmation email and reminder follow ups leading up to the webinar (48 hours, 2 hours and 2 minutes before)
  • Designed and sent out an email to the people that registered for the live event he had to postpone, explaining why and inviting them to the webinar instead in the meantime
  • Designed an email for the rest of his database (just over 1k people) promoting the webinar
The day before the webinar, I did the following:
  • Posted on his LinkedIn and Facebook pages about the webinar
  • At 11:10am on the day before the webinar, I sent out the emails promoting the webinar to his 1k database. Within 15 minutes he got 14 registrations. Within half an hour he had 21. He finally had 53 people register and 35 of them attended.

I’ll be following up those that attended with an email offer from him, plus those that registered but didn’t and those that didn’t register with emails to invite them to a second one he is hosting.

I have since done the same for other coaches, promoting 12 webinars so far in total, which includes following up with attendees to promote coaches’ 90 Day Planning webinars and Pro Bono coaching offers.

Here are the average figures over all the coaches I work with: 28.25 registrations and 20.5 attendees which is a 72% attendance.

These coaches have obtained hot prospects as a result, including calls and diags (one has 9 hot prospects so far from his webinars).

I will keep this page updated as and when I get more details of the results coaches have achieved.
Good results are not only new diags that can lead directly to clients, but having new high quality prospects I have generated for your database, that have interacted with you via webinars or other methods, some of which can result in new clients who will likely need your help once we are out the other side of this pandemic.

So here is how I can help you:

Marketing offer for for two webinars

Here’s what I’ll do for each webinar you want to promote:

  1. Create a webinar landing page on EventBrite for your webinar with a registration form and confirmation email when people register, plus reminder follow ups leading up to the webinar (48 hours, 2 hours and 2 minutes before).
  2. Design and send out an email (that you have approved) to your database, promoting the webinar in your email marketing system e.g. Mailchimp, Synduit etc.
  3. I’ll add the webinar as an event on your Facebook business page (if you have one) and your LinkedIn profile, then promote the webinar via organic post(s) on them.
  4. A follow up email to attendees with a reminder of the offer you provided at the end of your webinar e.g. a complimentary half hour coaching session to build on their learning and see what steps can add value to their business.
  5. A follow up email to non-attendees with the offer and/or details of a second webinar (e.g. a 90 Day Planning one) you might want to host.

Investment: £350

If you don’t have a very big database of email addresses/would like this to be larger, I will also include the following FOC if required (if you are happy for me to use MailChimp):

1. To build up your database and depending on time allowed, I will setup a search filter in your LinkedIn Sales Navigator of your 1st connections that are in your target, market, then collect and export email addresses (with names etc.) and import into your email marketing system e.g. Mailchimp, Synduit etc. It can export up to 150 connections’ email addresses per day.

2. You send me a scan or photo of any business cards you have (up to 50), with details of how you know them e.g. networking, suppliers, previous clients, unknown etc.

For these we will:

  1. Create a spreadsheet of these
  2. Import them into MailChimp, tagged with how you know them so that the email mentions this at the beginning for them.
  3. If you have more than 50 cards, I will charge for £10 per additional 20. You’ll have them in MailChimp, for this marketing as well as any future marketing you do yourself of course.
  • I have already created the wording and designed the banner graphic for webinars covering these topics:
  • Beat the virus – 11 vital steps to take that will help get your business through the crisis
  • COVID-19 Webinar: ONE WEEK ON -Next Steps to Take to Protect Your Business
  • 90 Day Covid-19 Planning for Businesses Owners
  • Virtual Leadership: Lead Effectively No Matter Where People Work
  • 30 Days Business Strategy Workshop
  • Time – Your Most Valuable Asset
  • Selling in the ‘New Normal’
  • Marketing with Compassion
  • Managing the Money Workshop

You should have access to a PowerPoint template about this topic from ActionCOACH already.

Please email me with your contact number and a good day/time to call, if you’d like to discuss this.