Marketing help for Business Coaches

  • Get more attendees to your events and webinars to increase your chances of obtaining new clients
  • Get in front of your database through regular email campaigns (newsletters, useful downloads, event/webinar invitations etc.)
  • Get your social media pages sorted and managed to provide value and to promote your services and expertise
  • Get your website regularly updated with fresh new content to help your SEO and generate enquiries
  • Get PDFs and online content designed that generates actions and get results

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Marketing help for Business Coaches’ Clients

  • Get a reliable out-sourced marketer for your clients with over 15 years of experience in marketing and design.
  • Ensure your clients can put your marketing advice into action whether it’s regular communications with their prospects and customers or using social media to attract new customers.
  • Get your client’s marketing collateral looking great and giving out the right messages.
  • Offer your clients a free Website Review from an experienced web designer and marketer, to get their website working for them and generating new leads.

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While working at ActionCOACH head office in Bury St Edmunds as the UK Marketing Manager in 2013, I learned it can be a challenge for coaches to do the key marketing and sales tasks that bring their revenue in! I know as you become busier and busier; your time for delivering (and for learning how to deliver) successful marketing can be limited. This has led me into being a valued support member for both coaches and some of their clients during the past year.

I have been working directly with ActionCOACH coaches Parag Prasad, Andrew Kureishy, Tim Rylatt, Chris Henry, Lucy Cameron, Ade Ogunbambo, Jeff Shrimpton, Will Roig, Paul McCarthy, John Davison, Stuart Johnson, Indika Wanigaratne, Tom Hosking, Kerry Malster and Rupert & Angela Turton. Also with &Coaching.

I also work with clients in other industries. The experience I’ve gained with coaches means when you want marketing support for yourself I can make it easy and get going straightaway. I know what coaching is and does and the key messages you need prospects to hear. Plus I have received coaching myself from two ActionCOACHes (Stephen Unwin back in 2007 and Tim Rylatt in 2016)!

Stephanie Collyer

Why Choose Me?

Here are 6 reasons why you (and your clients) should choose me

  1. I know what coaching is about, and as a coaching client myself (yes, I have been coached by ActionCOACH business coaches), I relate to the mind-set of your clients easily.
  2. I have the knowledge of using the systems available to ActionCOACHes, including Soffront, the new websites recently launched, as well as other marketing systems like MailChimp and EventBrite.
  3. I already understand the services coaches offer and the benefits e.g. 1 to 1 business coaching, group coaching, seminars and workshops.
  4. I understand the 5 Ways system and other aspects of what coaching entails.
  5. I have proven results of my marketing efforts for the coaches I currently work with e.g. I doubled the event attendance figure for a coach with a single email campaign.
  6. I also provide marketing services for coaches’ clients by working in a symbiotic way with the coach and the client. This means that the advice you provide to clients is implemented and results more quickly and effectively in marketing and an online presence for your clients that delivers great results.


Here are some of the qualities and benefits you’ll gain by working with me (as quoted by one of my business coach clients)


  • The experience of having worked in ActionCOACH Head Office
  • A wealth of creative ideas and suggestions
  • A service which is competitively priced
  • An approach which is not over-complicated and expressed in ‘layman’s terms’
  • The opportunity for us to focus more on the business rather than in it
  • A mechanism for the coaches she works with (with their permission) to cross fertilise ideas and strategies
  • A desire to share her knowledge and expertise with us, in order that we can become self sufficient at some point in the future
  • New coaching clients – I got a new client (and another set to convert in January) just from one email campaign and follow-up email that Steph did for me