ActionCOACH UK Coaches – Last Minute Webinars and Offers Covering Coronovirus

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the ActionCOACH clients I currently work with have needed my additional help to promote their webinars and get attendees, as well as marketing their other offers to help business owners during this crisis.

Yes, it is difficult at the moment for coaches to sign up new 1-2-1 clients during this pandemic but you have a great opportunity to create relationships with potential clients, who will appreciate your help if/when they ever are ready to take on a coach.

Coronovirus webinars

The coaches wanted to run 1-1.5 hour webinars covering COVID-19 and the steps that businesses need to take.

They needed me to create, publish and send out the marketing materials to promote their events and gain attendees.

For some, they had a small number of email addresses to promote to so I also generated more leads for their database.

For each coach, this is what I did:

For some that required it, I increased the numbers of leads on their email database using LinkedIn and through other methods – within days.

Then for each webinar:

  • Designed the landing page with text and graphics, to promote the webinar, with a custom email confirmation for people who register to attend
  • Created a Zoom links landing page for which a link gets sent out as reminders 48 hours, 2 hours and 2 minutes before the webinars take place
  • Promoted their webinar through email campaigns and social media marketing

Then I did the same as above for their repeat COVID-19 webinars (with updated content and graphics) and then for 90 Day Planning webinars.

I created and sent out follow up emails to attendees within 24-48 hours with useful information, links to the webinar recordings, offers and more.

For the first coach I had 2 days to create the collateral and get attendees to his first webinar.

Results for his first webinar: 53 registrations and 35 attendees

His second webinar: 20 registrations and 14 attendees

His 90 Day Planning webinar: 25 registrations and 17 attendees

All registrants and attendees were people in the target market agreed in advance between us.

Here are the average figures over all the coaches I work with: 28.25 registrations and 20.5 attendees

The coaches have obtained hot prospects including calls and diags (one received 69 hot prospects so far from his webinars and our pre and post calls to registrants and attendees).

I will keep this page updated as and when I get more details of the results coaches have achieved.
Good results are not only new diags that can lead directly to clients, but having new high quality prospects I have generated for your database, that have interacted with you via webinars or other methods, some of which can result in new clients who will likely need your help once we are out the other side of this pandemic.

Getting bookings for a pro-bono coaching offer

An ActionCOACH business coach client I work with did not want to host webinars at this stage and instead was trialing the offer of 10 pro bono coaching slots, for the first 2 weeks of April. The coaching session offered was to cover how to survive the COVID-19 virus and to be in a position to thrive again once it’s over.

  • Helped the coach to create the text to promote the offer on his LinkedIn profile
  • Got new leads with email addresses for his database
  • Created and sent out an email campaign with content to promote the pro-bono offer, with a link to book a slot in his calendar

All 10 slots were taken.

I emailed the coach the next day if he’d had any bookings for the 10 slots he made available in his calendar.

He replied saying this:

Seven booked and three to phone who couldn’t book yesterday.” So that’s all 10 slots taken. “Also one request for a meeting through the website from a past client. I’m contacting them all tomorrow and will probably opt for a Zoom meeting instead of a telephone conversation.”

I will keep this page updated as and when I get more details of the results coaches have achieved.

Some of the feedback I have received for this work

This was what a coach said during our call on 27th March:

“I’ve stopped all other marketing including thousands I was spending on telemarketing as it’s is not working now with the pandemic and many companies’ offices being closed. I really don’t know what I would have done without your help!”

This text message I received on 25th March:

The email I received on 25th March:

A note I received with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on 20th March:

The email I received on 20th March:

The email I received on 27th February: