Monthly Marketing Packages for Business Coaches

What time and money do you usually spend on calling cold leads to get meetings/diags?

As you are likely aware, holding free events gives you a great opportunity to book appointments with attendees.

This is because:

  1. The visitors to your event see first-hand that you know about business and can help them grow.
  2. Your clients can also be invited and tell the prospects what you do/have done them.
  3. You can build relationships with prospects – so they know you, like you and trust you.

So how do you get prospects to these events? Simple. You get me to promote them for you!

Why me? Because:

  • I have 20 years of experience in marketing and design
  • I know what you promote and sell
  • I know the benefits of coaching – I have been coached myself for 2 years
  • I was ActionCOACH’s UK Marketing Manager so have marketed for coaches
  • I currently work with coaches on a monthly basis and know what messages work (and don’t work)

I’ll create email campaigns and PDFs/flyers promoting your events and more – one email campaign resulted in the coach getting 3 diags, a 1-to-1 client and one that was set to convert the following month – just from the people that I got in the room. Not cold leads that have had telemarketing people on the phone to them but people that gave up their time to attend a coach’s event and could see the coach’s skills and knowledge first-hand, which is much more likely to result in a client. I also promote coaches’ webinars and online workshops.

So how much do you spend on cold calling to get appointments?

Example package

  • Create and send 2 email campaigns – newsletter or promoting your events
  • Create and send out 2 follow-ups/reminder email campaigns per event
  • Provide reports on opens, clicks, bounces etc.
  • Analyse and adapt for future campaigns
  • Design 2 promotional PDFs (for events or anything else)
  • Add the events on EventBrite and content that will promote them
  • Maintain and update your website with content you provide (e.g. news, blog post articles, images, etc.
  • Manage your social media pages – e.g. 3 posts per week, with links to your latest blogs, offers, videos, testimonials and events.